Custom made stairs by S&A Stairs

It has been over a century that we have been crafting unique and stylish staircases for builders and homeowners. It is a family business had taken its pace with passion and love in order to create modern homes in Australia.

We have retained our staff for decades which most of the big companies fail to. We believe in humble ways of dealing with people and therefore have been able to craft stairs with the same consistency, quality, and design for ages.

With a total of 30 staff and an average of 20 years in the service, the staff and we work together in building dream staircases to heaven (homes). Our passion is giving the best in the making helping us give the best quality to the customers. We crave for perfection in every project we acquire.

Our relationship with various Australian builders and Architects has been growing stronger with so many years in the service.custom made stairs by S&A stairs is not just our pride but a pride of Australia.

Why choose us?

We don’t like the powerful machines to kill the beauty of any of the staircases that we build. We, therefore, are on the hunt of finding innovative techniques to making staircases that define unique craftsmanship. European Software, as well as CNC Machinery, is the key to our efficiency and quality over the years.

We follow the pre-work formula or designing, selections, and planning. After this, we focus on production, delivery, and installation. What matters to us the most is the after project;those are care post installation and warranty. curved stairs beauty within the four walls

Curved stairs are not seen everywhere. They are precious, unconventional, and modern. We take pride in introducing our services as one of the best when it comes to crafting curved stairs and that too for over 100 years. In the making of this piece of beauty requires patience, skilled professionals, and engineering knowledge.

Curved and geometric shaped stairs need the knowledge of engineering to make that perfect shape that can be the eye candy of any building.

If you are in need of such beauty for your home, we are here to help you.

Wondering where you can find customised stairs Melbourne that are of high-quality. Get in touch with us for a free quote.

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