Decorative Concrete Paving To Make Your Home Stand Out

Home remodeling projects involve renovating the interiors, gardens and also the driveways. There are many decorative options available for driveways. One such option is decorative concrete paving. It involves the application of different textures and patterns which help in beautifying and improving the concrete. By opting for laying pavers Melbourne, you may enhance the aesthetic appeal of your driveway.

Preparation of decorative concrete

The preparation process of decorative concrete is quite similar to that of normal concrete mixtures. However, while the normal mixtures are used specifically for strength, decorative concrete is used for remodelling ceilings, walls and floors.

Types of decorative concrete

There are many types of residential concrete slabs available. They may vary in terms of their price and the effect they may have. The most commonly used decorative concrete is coloured mixture. It is popular as it is easy to prepare. The Trowel Down finish is also quite popular as it involves using an additional water resistant layer of cement. Another decorative and innovative style is the Stamped Method which is created by impressing moulds in a wet mixture.

Another type of decorative flooring solution is epoxy flooring. If you’re not familiar with it then you might want to consider visiting Better Seal, who provide professional epoxy flooring services and they know what their doing.


While opting for laying pavers Melbourne, it is advisable to take into consideration the maintenance cost. Residential concrete slabs usually last for a longer time with only a little maintenance. The type of maintenance required generally depends on the level of traffic the floor receives. In order to maintain concrete slabs, regular cleaning is advisable for evading moisture risks and oil spills. Regular cleaning also helps in removing the accumulated dirt and keeps the concrete looking brand new.

Benefits of decorative concrete

  • There are several benefits which decorative concrete may offer. Few of them include:
  • It can be used both outdoors and indoors.
  • Different textures and colours may be created from this type of concrete.
  • Decorative concrete offers a good natural finish.
  • Decorative concrete proves to be an extremely cost effective solution.

For all types of home improvement projects, decorative concrete can be an excellent choice. It may be used for enhancing the look of the entrance to the house or for complementing the landscaping. However, in order to achieve the desired results from using decorative concrete, it is advisable to select a reliable contractor.

Factors to consider while hiring concrete contractors

There are several things which deserve consideration while undertaking paving projects. Many people simply choose contractors who offer the lowest quote for laying pavers Melbourne. Such people may hire unreliable contractors and may end up paying a considerable amount of money in the long run. It is hence important to hire a reliable contractor. The following factors may help in identifying one:

Experience of the contractor

In order to ensure that the residential concrete slabs last long, it is advisable to opt for experienced contractors. Contractors may be chosen after reading online reviews and testimonials of clients. One contractor you can trust is Better Seal, these guys are experts when it comes to concrete repairs, coatings and epoxy. They’re easily accessible to businesses but you can definitely go meet them in person at their epoxy flooring branch in Dandenong.

Ask for quotes

While hiring laying pavers Melbourne services, it is advisable to get estimates from various contractors. The quotes received from various contractors may be compared. The contractor who offers quality services at a fair price may be chosen.

Written contract

While hiring contractors for laying residential concrete slabs, it is advisable to get a written contract which clearly defines the tasks to be performed, estimated time of completion and the costs involved.

Capabilities of the contractor

It is important to ensure that the contractor possesses the required equipment for efficiently completing the job.

Properties may effectively be remodelled using concrete slabs. Hiring a good concrete contractor is essential in order to achieve this goal.

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