Industrial Storage Shelves – Enhancing Efficiency Across the Board

The primary purchasers of industrial storage shelves would be warehouse operators and manufacturers. However, this article does not encompass systems for automatic storage and retrieval systems, rack mount assembly, workbenches, bin cabinets or wire shelving. These categories are much too large to discuss in a single document. For that purpose, this article briefly discusses the broad categories of industrial shelves that are included in today’s market.

The most common type of industrial storage shelves is the Fabricated Metal Storage (FM Storage). It is comprised of a cold-rolled steel plate and a laminated wood veneer. It can be conveniently installed over a standard workbench. The cold-rolled steel plate, which is typically a lengthened piece of sheet metal with an inner chamber for storing coils of wire, is wrapped by a layer of veneer and tacked to the work surface.

Another example of pre-fabricated industrial storage shelves is the Rolled Steel Shelves. In this category, pre-galvanized steel sheets or similar materials are rolled onto a drum, then coated with melamine. The result is a long, tapered metal shelf typically no more than one foot high and eight feet wide.

The third type of pre-fabricated industrial storage shelves is the Pallet Rack Shelves. These are used to store multiple types of products-even tin cans! The pre-fabricated steel shelf is usually two feet wide and four feet tall, and comes in multi-row varieties that are able to support products from six-pound to twenty-two-pound capacity. They are available in both lateral and vertical forms and can support product levels up to five hundred pounds.

The fourth type of pre-fabricated industrial storage shelves is the Bollard Shelves. This type of shelf is designed with a flexible metal frame and is most often made from galvanized steel, but can be constructed from different metals. The frame, also, is flexible, and can support product levels up to five hundred pounds.

The fifth type of industrial shelving is the Collapsible Metal Shelves. This type of shelf is commonly used in the plumbing and electrical industry. It is made of metal that is compressed between two layers of foam and is then screwed together with stainless steel hardware. Since it is made of metal, the shelf provides an effective way to prevent electrical shorts. Collapsible industrial storage shelves can support product levels up to five hundred pounds, and come in single, double, and triple stacked varieties.

The final type of industrial shelving we will discuss is the Plastic Shelves. This is the cheapest form of storage shelving, due to its production cost. A plastic shelf typically consists of interlocking plastic tabs that are screwed together and can be suspended by manual or automatic pulleys. These shelves are best suited for smaller applications in the plumbing and electric industry. They are often seen in the home, office, and retail settings.

Now you have five types of industrial shelving to consider when constructing your storage needs. Depending on your specific needs and available space, your selection will dictate what type of shelving you need to purchase and install. When purchasing your shelves, always make sure they are manufactured from a sturdy material, and that there is a level of flexibility built into the design. With proper care and maintenance, your shelves should last for many years to come.

There are many great companies that manufacture Industrial Shelves, and many offer a full range of services to ensure your needs are met. One such company is Racks-bit. Racks-Kit offers a full range of industrial storage systems, including racking, wire shelving, and much more. Some of their products include wire racking for hazardous materials, stainless steel wire shelving, and a full range of racking solutions for your general storage needs. Racks-Kit is known for being durable, and having the most competitive prices around.

For more specialized types of shelving, such as cable shelving, you may want to consider SteelMaster Shelves. The company is known for not only their racking solutions, but their overall shelving and storage need as well. With over thirty years of experience in the manufacturing and design of storage systems, SteelMaster has earned itself a reputation as one of the top names in the business. This company offers a full line of wire shelving and racking, including wire shelving for hazardous materials, and a full range of wire and racking solutions for general storage needs. They are also certified by IDS and ISO and offer a lifetime warranty on all of their products.

Whether you have a small business, a large corporation, or just need some temporary storage, industrial storage shelves can help you meet your storage and inventory needs. Because there is such a large selection of different sizes and styles, you can find exactly what you need to meet your storage requirements. Whatever you decide, make sure you get the industrial storage shelves that will best fit your company’s needs, so you can keep your costs down and improve efficiency throughout your operations. So when the time comes to upgrade your storage or to make some repairs, think about Industrial Storage Shelves.

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