Laundry Splashback Tiling in Melbourne

laundry splashback tiling Melbourne

When it comes to a bathroom and laundry renovation, most people think of the kitchen and bathroom. Many people neglect to upgrade their laundry. However, the laundry is an integral space and deserves to be given the same attention as these other rooms. To add a unique touch to your laundry, consider tiling it. Using high-quality tiles will make your laundry look more appealing and modern. If you are considering splashback tiling Melbourne, follow these simple steps.

The first thing to remember when selecting the right type of laundry splashback tiling Melbourne is your budget. You can go for large tiles that create the illusion of more space, but you can also go for smaller tiles that are easy to clean. A splashback that is made of tile will also be easy to clean and maintain. You can even opt for a design that will blend in with the design of the rest of the room. And if you’re planning a laundry renovation in Melbourne, this is the right time to get creative!

If you’d like a splashback tile in your laundry, you should prepare your wall first. Start by measuring the width and height of the splashback. Multiply this number by two to determine the square meters of tile you need to buy. Make sure the walls are smooth and free from cracks and other issues that might interfere with the tile’s adhesion. If the walls are uneven or textured, you can even try plastering to ensure an even surface.

Another reason to tile your laundry walls is because it can help protect your drywall. Without a splashback, moisture can seep into the wall and cause mould, which is hard to remove. You don’t want that to happen in your laundry! Instead, go with ceramic wall tiles. These are available in a range of saturated colours. Choose a colour that matches the decor of your laundry. It’s never too late to give your laundry the ultimate upgrade!

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