The Basic Components of Longspan Shelving

Known for its modular design, Longspan shelving is a great choice for many retail and manufacturing environments. These units can be added to at any time and reconfigured as required, giving you the flexibility, you need. Longspan shelving is most commonly constructed of painted galvanized steel and can withstand constant high-volume usage. This makes it ideal for retail settings involving manual picking and packing. These units are lightweight and easy to move, but you should hire a qualified installer to move and reposition them correctly.

Modular Design

The basic component of longspan shelving is the frame, which consists of 2 upright profiles on top of a base plate. The frame connects the upright profiles with horizontal and diagonal C-profiles that provide structural stability. The upright profiles for each frame vary, as they depend on the requested capacity and configuration. Frame depth and height will also vary. Each frame will be adjusted to match the layout of the warehouse. Here are the different parts of a longspan shelving frame.

Easy To Assemble

Whether you’re installing a new storage solution or simply want to expand your current layout, longspan steel shelving is a great option. Thanks to its modular design, longspan shelving is fast and easy to assemble, and you won’t need any prior knowledge or skills to complete the process. With shelves up to 3m wide and a weight capacity of 900 kg per shelf, longspan shelving is perfect for any situation. The shelves can be adapted to almost any type of storage solution, from a simple shelf to a complex shelving configuration. Additionally, because of their heavy-duty beams, longspan shelving can support loads of up to 4500kg per bay, which means virtually unlimited storage capacity.


Long-span shelving has numerous advantages and disadvantages. Long-span shelving is easy to assemble, but it must be installed properly to avoid damage. Make sure that the structure is on a level surface. Hire a professional to install the long span shelving, and do not rush it. In addition, moisture and humidity in the environment can affect the shelf’s durability. Avoid these problems by taking the necessary steps.


The modular design of Longspan shelving allows it to fit in any space, from large warehouses to small offices. Its open design allows it to adjust to the weight of the goods it holds, while its wide spans make it an excellent choice for a variety of storage applications. The shelving can be adjusted at varying heights and can be installed on either side. The open design of Longspan means that access is easy from both sides.


There are many benefits of economical long-span shelving. Unlike traditional timber shelving, long span racking is capable of holding heavy or bulky items. Moreover, long span shelving made from steel is much safer than its timber counterpart. Here are some of the advantages of long span racking. All these features contribute to its cost-effectiveness. In addition to allowing easy access to all items stored on its shelves, economic long-span shelving is also highly flexible.

Can Be Extended to Mezzanine Floor

If you’re in the market for additional storage space, consider the benefits of longspan mezzanine floors. These can accommodate particle board, steel, or mesh flooring, and they’re equipped with fire sprinklers and lighting systems. In addition to being extremely economical, mezzanine floors can also double your storage capacity and create more clear space. These structures also offer a host of additional features, such as stair access points and loading gates. They can also include fire sprinkler systems and lighting to meet relevant building and safety regulations.

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