Things to consider while choosing bathroom lighting

In order to bring a sense of rejuvenation and conciliation, bathrooms serve to be the best but neglected part of our house when it comes to designing. Though bathroom covers a bijou in the house but its utility and predominance cannot be underrated. And redoing your bathroom can give an extra edge to the idea of renovation and embellishment. Creating a space which portrays an attractive and elegant look seems to be strategic.It is quite grueling to find the best suited bathroom vicinity particularly. A small space occupied by bathroom can pose a decorating challenge but with right fixtures, décor and lighting, an illusion of a much larger space can be perceived. A compact space can be renovated with unique and soothing ideas. Apart from the tap ware and flooring of bathrooms, a lot can be done concentrating on its lighting prospects. Choosing the right paint colors with contrasting effect adds value to your bathroom. Prefer bolder colors adding something dark for the borders. The use of wallpapers on the walls can also be considered.

The Perfect Lighting

Basically, initiating from the datum serves the best. Firstly concentrating on the natural light gives a peaceful and soothing mood to your home. This can be achieved by installing curtains or blinds in a light color to allow some light in. Choosing translucent colors is advantageous. And perfecting this technique with optimum color

Bathroom Accessories Melbourne

schemes makes a perfect match. To perform functions such as shaving, applying contact lens or make-up, it becomes mandatory to make the bathroom environment to be bright enough. Dull vicinity projects a monotonous and tedious mood which must be avoided. Mirrors can also be enlightened from top and both sides eliminating all shadows. To enhance the ambience of the villa, a wall light can add pretty accents. Showers can also serve as secondary area for task lighting. A dimmer light when installed compliments the luxurious outlook. Dull yellow and old fashioned ceiling lights can be replaced by contemporary light covering that will add a tinge of elegance in the bathroom.


LED lighting especially for bathrooms can be employed to near water, thanks to its low voltage consumption. Dimmed effects can also be generated out of these lights. Ceiling lights, now-a-days, are frequently used. They can be mounted even on plastered roofs emitting uniform light. These can be movable according to the functionality can give great scope for interior designing with respect to bathrooms. Nautical bathroom lighting is also one amongst the popular options. It is stylish blend with spectacular look of the bathroom surface.

Too much decorative stuff should be avoided to prevent cluttering. Cabinets present inside the bathroom can also be illuminated to brighten the space. Though the initial installation of bathroom lighting can expensive, but in the long run, this step brings a lot more lucrative home. Also the team planning to install the lighting facilities should be skilled.

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